Creative Essex Wedding Photographer based in Billericay, Essex. Fun, award winning documentary wedding photography.

Hi, I’m Greg

Photographing weddings is a passion! I eat, sleep, dream wedding photography and drive my wife nuts! I never know what to write in these ‘about me’ pages. The marketing people tell me to ‘be me’ rather than the creative Essex wedding photographer bit so that you can see who I am…so here goes….

I share a cosy home with my beautiful wife, my two energetic boys (4 and 2), two west highland terriers, one of which is convinced she is a Rottweiler, and a black cat who keeps the dogs in their place.

I love barbecues, live music, nature and life. Simple pleasures….good food, good company, a good fire (I built myself an outdoor fireplace which is the envy of my friends).

My current project is documenting the growth of my 2 sons. And boy are they growing! I gravitated to being a wedding photographer as not only am I passionate about the photography, but its the couples that I meet that really inspire me. Their stories are unique and their love is clear. I do not underestimate the importance of my role in your day and my goal is to create beautiful images that you will cherish forever.

Images that, when you look at them in the future will transport you back to that moment in time. Images that hit you not only visually but emotionally.

As a creative Essex wedding photographer I have shot weddings at locations as diverse as The Honourable Artillery Company in London to Woldingham School in Surrey and various Essex Barn Weddings and Whimsical Vintage Styled Weddings.

Some quick info

I have travelled, a lot, and below are some of my adventure ‘moments’
– I have hitchhiked the west coast of Africa.
– Shared a tent with a Bedouin Tribe.
– Rowed a boat along the Ganges whilst the sun rose.
– Sailed round the Galapagos Islands and swam with the wild sea lions.
– I trekked to Macchu Pichu, crossed the Bolivian Salt flats. I have seen the sun rise and fall in some of the most beautiful locations in the world from Cambodia to Cornwall.
– Watched satellites cross the night sky whilst sleeping under the stars in the Sahara….. was mesmerising.
– Whilst on my ‘romantic’ honeymoon, we capsized off the coast of a Fijian Island (my wife hates boats!)…….plus lots more

But my biggest adventure started in 2011 with the birth of my first son, then followed 2 years later by number 2.


But that’s enough about me as this is about YOU….and your day….and your family and friends…

I hope to hear from you soon.


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