Festival Inspired Wedding | Wedding Photographer Essex | Lisa and Luke

A Festival Inspired wedding was what Lisa and Luke had in mind and they nailed it. Rowing Boats, tick. Pedalo tick. Zorbs…errr….tick! It was a blast. Lisa and Luke are the definition of laid back and nothing appeared to phase either of them.


First of all lets wind the clock back a year or so to when i first met them and when we sat and talked over a cup of tea. I remember Lisa talked through their plans and i sat there thinking ‘this sounds great’.

When Lisa said Festival Inspired wedding I was sold and then, when Lisa started talking about rowing boats, fire pits and zorbs I was grinning. I felt an instant bond with these guys and Lisa and Luke are completely in tune with each other. You can really feel just how connected the two of them are. Who needs words when little glances between the two of them communicate what they want to say to each other. I saw it on the day of their wedding too. Lisa would glance at Luke, then a big grin would appear on both their faces. They just knew!


The day started at Baddow Park where the girls were getting ready and the ceremony was to take place. What a house! Stunningly beautiful. The girls are such great fun to be around and the time flew by. Lisa looked stunning in a lace dress. Furthermore Lisa had even used offcuts to make lace for her shoes. Kayley and Leah, the bridesmaids are hilarious and I was cracking up laughing.


The boys arrived mid day and were as equally laid back as the girls.


The ceremony took place in the orangery and Lisa walked down the aisle, barefoot and elegant. Luke had the huge grin and then they both just cracked up laughing. Thats one of my overriding memories of the day, the amount of laughter.


After the ceremony it was off the Chigborough Lakes for the festival party. This is a first for me. I don’t think I have ever seen a Bride and Groom, in a Zorb, running at each other. I was almost very tempted to have a go but Lisa was taking no prisoners! So therefor a stayed safe and kept behind the lens.

The water zorb was also hilarious andagain, the girls (kayley mainly!) were the ones to watch as they really showed the lads how its done. The BBQ food was delicious the speeches were fantastic. Then there were the surprise fireworks. Hats off to Dee for sorting this. After holding it together all day the tears finally came to Lisa when the fireworks started.


And to top it off, it was all filmed by their dog via a go pro on her harness while everyone celebrated.


What a day, what a wedding, what a great bunch of people and what a couple.


I wish you both all the best for the future.


Grab a drink, hit play on the slide show and crank up the music. (or scroll down the images)






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